My passion for adornment started in the late 80’s when I made my own  jewellery under the name Melanie Woods and  exhibited small collections.  They proved to be popular and soon I was being asked to make pieces for the retail market.  I had my calling, and whilst I travelled through Europe and Asia in the following years, I gathered valuable contacts.

In 1996 I was ready to launch my company and chose the name Diva Designs World Jewellery. At this time we were a wholesale only business.  I later decided to go online in order to offer my jewellery to the general public.  This led to the company trading under the new name of Melanie Woods World Jewellery.


A fair trade approach to business

I have a great relationship with each of my smiths that create my designs and have a fair trade understanding with them all.  We treat and pay our smiths and workers fairly and honestly. Those that create our jewellery are working family men and women with very good working conditions. When you purchase a piece from Melanie Woods, you are supporting an Australian designer, and families in Bali and India.

The inspiration for my jewellery is very emotive; it is mixed with requests from my customers, to the world within and around me. Thank to the wonderful gem cutters and silver smiths at my disposal, I can offer a variety of finishes and smithing styles.

My endless motivation comes from designing pieces that are not of a certain fashion but that resonate with the wearer.  I desire for each of my pieces to become a treasured piece that is kept for a lifetime.



Our designs are as fresh as nature, designed for women with a spirit to be as free as a bird, to follow your heart and live your dreams. Everything is possible if you wish long enough, which is how our lovely pieces are brought to life.

On a wing and a prayer we dream our designs into being, representing nature and birds and essential elements.

It is the wish of Melanie that her designs will be with you forever, as the timeless tradition of  treasured pieces, we hope they will continue to inspire you to live your dreams. xx

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