The cultural aspect of a ring

Taking a peep through ring culture and history.

We are surrounded by oh so many things that speak about us. They describe our style, our life and, why not, our desires. We dress in a certain way to express something. We put on make-up to show the world what they should be looking at. We match our outfit with perfect accessories to establish our place in this universe. We want others [and ourselves, of course]to be aware about who we are. And why we are who we are.

With this ring…

As you may know, rings have been used for many purposes through history. It’s very hard to give an exact time about when these custom of giving, sharing and receiving a ring has become, but it seems it dates back somewhere 6000 years ago. In the ancient Rome, only senators, members of the military, physicians had the right to wear gold rings, the gold ones have been prohibited for slaves or lower rank persons. They were replaced with the bronze and iron rings.

A Symbol of Power and Status!

A ring may represent wealth, power, social and political status and is the perfect element that links this tangible world with a magical one. The one that has the eternity term in its description. A ring’s design, its shape and colours have much more effect on communicating a message than its own stones or metals. Remember all those goddesses and gods who wore rings that symbolized their power. Think always about the person that wears the ring, not about the financial value of it. It has been said that the Gauls and British people loved to wear a ring on the middle finger while the Greeks [very much influenced by the Egyptian rings]and Romans hated this way.

And, since the dawn of time, the ring speaks for us.
Differently, on each finger.

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Which Finger or Thumb?

The ancient Anatolian people were famous for the signet rings [we have discovered only a few of them until now], the Egyptian style was actually diverse, the ring had quite complex designs. Of course, the finger that holds a ring has to have a special significance. You cannot put a wedding ring on your thumb, for example. Let’s start with the little finger or the auricular one: this is the Mercury finger that talks about your communication and the way you express yourself and relate towards personal and sexual relationships.

Having a ring on the pinky speaks about the way you talk about yourself. The thumb is much more stronger: it’s the willpower finger that symbolizes vitality, freedom and action. And it makes you unique, in a certain way. Your Jupiter finger [the index one]is the fellow that stands up. He has speeches about ambition and willingness. He is a leader. The middle finger, referred to also as the identity or the Saturn finger, is associated with our potential, our own limitations and capabilities. A ring on the middle finger will talk about responsibility. No, we won’t forget about the Apollo finger [or the annular one]: it is all about creativity and romance, the perfect link to the heart. And yes, this is the traditional home for wedding rings. Friendship, engagement, love.


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