Sterling Silver Om Earrings

Sterling Silver Om Earrings
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Size 13 x 14 mm

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Dimensions13 x 14 mm


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Sterling Silver Om Earrings

Our Sterling Silver Om earrings are in recognition of the symbol of ‘the vibration of the universe’.  The story behind their creation belongs to Melanie:

“When I first went to India, a lifetime ago now, I found myself swept up in its majesty.  I was there studying asthanga yoga with the now great and legendary pathabi joice.  We would start each day with an ‘om’.  The way I was taught to do it was first to empty my mind.  I would then breathe in deep from the diaphragm and fill my lungs as far as I could go.  Then, ever so slowly recite ‘om’ as if reciting open vowels.  The vibration would course throughout my body and I even went a little light headed.  It was a truly magical experience and one I wanted to celebrate with a jewellery design.

I have created my Om jewellery in two different styles:

A plain version in respect of simplicity and a spiritual life.  A patterned one in a rich tapestry of paisley as is the extravagant Indian tradition.

Our Om collection also includes a matching Sterling Silver Om pendant


Melanie Woods World Jewellery

The beauty of nature surrounding us all across the world is the inspiration behind the World Jewellery collection.

Crafted from sterling silver, brass, pearls and gemstones, each ethically crafted piece brings with it a unique sense of style that is as distinctive as the woman who chooses to wear it. Created with love for you to cherish for a lifetime and marked with a MW or WJ so that you can be sure of its authenticity.

Our desire is for each and every one of our customers to be truly delighted with their World Jewellery original. That’s why we have taken just as much care in the design of our packaging as we have in the jewellery itself. Not only that, but we guarantee the quality of our pieces for a full 12 months.

We have been in business for more than 25 years and the key to our success is recognising that the customer is always right. That’s why we provide a 7 day no quibble, money back option in the unlikely event that you are unhappy in any way.

Ethically created, nature inspired, beautiful designs that stand the test of time – this is Melanie Woods Jewellery – Inspired by Nature.