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We are a wholesale manufacturer of natural Bath & Body products 

Empowering women through self-nurture.
Melanie Woods is the Designer and Creator of the luxury Bath and Body range.
Our Bath and Body range is Organic or Natural and freshly handmade to order in micro-batches on the northern rivers NSW. 
We blend the best quality ingredients that give amazing results. 
Our Beach Bath,  Salts and Milk baths rich with magnesium salts, essential oils and divine petals that soothe aching muscles, detox and refresh your mind body and spirit. 
Our floral waters are pure and gentle enough to tone your skin and hair or refresh your home and linen. 
Your skin will thank you for using our Nurture oil, a divine blend of light and nourishing oils full of vitamins and minerals. 
Our gorgeous Midge and Mozzie guards soothe skin irritations and keep biting insects away.
With a bush or floral blends in lovely packaging, you can smell delicious at your alfresco dinner or camping trip.
It is through both of these stunning ranges that we embark on a journey of nurture inspired indulgence.
We invite you to take time to indulge in a little luxury and experience all that Melanie Woods has to offer.