Faceted Garnet Chain Necklace 90cm,  3mm -

Faceted Garnet Chain Necklace 90cm, 3mm -

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Stunning craftsmanship has gone into make this elegant necklace, studded with hand faceted gemstones and finely woven silver, this is surely a timeless piece that you can treasure forever, finished with a sterling silver clasp. Please note the necklace has been doubled over to fit into the image, it is one long necklace that can also be work doubled over as a shorter option. Garnet is one of the oldest known fashion pieces, with uses dating back to 3000 B.C. Known to bring good luck, strength and love, you can now take these virtues with you everywhere you go with our exclusive hand faceted garnet gemstone necklace. Garnet is also the birthstone of January, making this a perfect birthday gift.