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The beautiful mozz and midge recently accompanied me to Bali. Fantastic, kept the flying beasties at bay and I smelt wonderful too! No Dengue accompanied me home and my skin was looked after by the beautiful oils at the same time. Thank you Melanie Woods Bath and Beauty.

Whendi Walkley

 Melanie Woods bath and body ranges are so delightful and luxurious. She offers a beautiful range of gorgeous 100% natural products. The bath teas are so relaxing and leave you feeling calm and fresh. I highly recommend all Melanie Woods bath and body range to everyone that needs some self-nurturing. So blissful. 💗💗💗 

Emma Wardle

“Woods Bath Tea is the ultimate pampering gift one can give oneself…it infused my whole bathroom and I adored the petals floating around me! It somehow epitomises SELF CARE and I will regularly add this to my routine!”

Natali Ross

"I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the Woods range and I’m delighted with each and every product - Their blends and strength of oils is just perfect and one has a definite emotional rush when inhaling the gorgeous aromas.  It makes me feel loved!” 

Tracy Bennet

"Woods Floral Water with geranium gives me such an emotional lift…I store it in the fridge and just love the cool fragrant mist on my face…”

Brenda Kipping

“I’m out in my garden early mornings and usually get besieged by mozzies.  I refuse to wear toxic mosquito repellent so do plenty of swiping and occasional cursing but reckoned over time I’ll “toughen up”! 

A friend introduced me to WOODS MOZZIE OIL SPRAY which I put to the test this morning. (Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting it to make too much of a difference) Well, I assumed wrong!!  I experienced a 98% reduction in mozzie onslaught which WAS AMAZING!! I could focus better and get far more satisfaction from my time spent in my garden. Thank you, WOODS, for a beautiful, non toxic and EFFECTIVE mozzie oil spray that actually works!!"  

Natasha Buirski

I purchased the swallow ring and matching earrings and was so pleased with the quality. The ring in particular really draws the eye and lots of my friends have told me how much they love it... they are not the only ones!

Donna Williams  

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