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Silver Wash Collection

Silver washed brass with a shimmery mat finish

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Gold collection

Our current featured collection is Silver Wash

Reasons Our Stockists Succeed

  • B2B wholesale-only trade.
  • Exclusivity per region.
  • Complimentary branded display and story assets.
  • Social media showcasing.
  • Great selling Collections regularly updated.
  • A perfect balance of value quality and price.
  • Sterling silver, gold, gems and pearls.
  • Allergy safe - Lead, Nickel and Cadmium free.
  • Australian designed.
  • Produced in small batches by fair trade manufacturers.
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Our Testimonials

Getting a great reaction to new stock. So happy when I see people react the way I do when I order from you. There is so much choice at the mo, and it's driving them crazy! Xx 😘


Times may be a little tough at the moment but your jewellery is such a great seller. I have regulars that choose them as a go to gift or a personal purchase in multiples! They just walk in and go straight for your stand. They are light, a great price and a compliment magnet. xx

Many of our stockists.

I have just placed another order
of your gorgeous earrings.  They have been running out the door !