Jewellery Care

Wear all Jewellery with care. Take off your pieces when you are bathing, sleeping and take great care when active. Silver is strong enough to stand the test of time but it can be easily scratched or bent if the right care isn’t given.
Store your jewellery carefully, making sure it does not rub against any other pieces. Tarnishing happens when jewellery is exposed to light, humidity or air. If you can store your jewellery in a sealed bag in a dark place to minimize the possibilities of the tarnishing process. If you do like to have your jewellery on display be sure to be aware that it is likely to need a more regular clean.
To clean your jewellery, rinse under warm water using a gentle liquid soap. Castile Soap, soap for woollens or even hand soap with no moisturisers or chemicals are known to work well.  Use a cloth of soft-bristle brush to help get any grime out of hard to reach crevices. Once clean make sure you dry your piece quickly and well with a polishing cloth to avoid any watermarks.