Empowering women through self-nurture.
Melanie Woods is the designer of World Jewellery and the Creator of the luxury Bath and Body range.

Our range of lovely bath and body indulgences celebrates flowers and nurturing ourselves with nature.

All of our ingredients are completely natural and organic where possible. We buy Australian grown where possible and our packaging is as environmentally sound as we could manage, (please recycle or repurpose).

Have you ever felt a little run down and needed a pick me up? Don't go for another coffee, run your bath!

Take time out, recover with a few moments of you time. 

This product was created as a lifesaver for Melanie when she fell ill from simply being run down and exhausted from lifes demands.   As our bodies often do, her's simply slowed down to a stop over time and it was evident that changes needed to be set in place.  Through this experience of slowing down, giving back to herself, these products were developed.

It is so important to be kind to yourself, listen to your body, feed it with love and natural ingredients, and it will, in turn, repay you in kind with energy and overflow to share. When you are deeply and authentically kind to yourself it is a natural progression to be kind to others and it becomes a circle that comes back into our lives. What we put out we get back 10-fold, but it all starts with you.

 Our Bath and Body range is Organic or Natural and freshly handmade to order in micro-batches on the northern rivers NSW.  We blend the best quality ingredients that give amazing results. It is through both of these stunning ranges that we embark on a journey of nurture inspired indulgence.  We invite you to take time to indulge in a little luxury and experience all that Melanie Woods has to offer.