Empowering women through self-nurture

Melanie Woods is the designer of World Jewellery and our luxury Bath & Body range.
Our range of lovely bath and body indulgences celebrates flowers and nurturing ourselves with nature. 
All of our ingredients are completely natural, and organic where possible, freshly handmade to order in micro-batches on the northern rivers NSW. 
We blend the best quality ingredients that give amazing results and buy Australian grown ingredients where possible and our packaging is environmentally sound (please recycle or repurpose).   We invite you to take time to indulge in a little luxury and the ritual self-nurture. 

Melanie and her Jewellery

My inspiration comes in a large part from a love of the natural world, timeless designs and the creative expression of self-adornment. 

Growing up in with two wonderfully innovative and creative parents set the stage for a first-hand appreciation of ethical production.  The designs in my collections are created by artisans in fair trade environments.

My mid-twenties were spent travelling throughout Asia, discovering yoga, philosophies, and local artisans, then Europe and its incredible cultural offerings of historical villages, food, wine and local traditions.  Living in the south of France and touring Europe with the occasional trip home to exhibit my jewellery and discoveries developed my eye for timeless motifs the merging of cultural identities. 

Eventually, I returned to Australia permanently and worked with Chanel, Guerlain, Dior and others. This inspired me to create an aromatherapy bath and body range of divinely fragrant bath teas and oils, followed by jewellery that grew to eclipse all else into a wholesale business that peaked in Melbourne throughout Y2K and beyond.

More recently the move to the northern rivers has resulted in a tree change that returned me to my roots, in a vibrant community where we celebrate our love of mother nature.  My affinity with our beautiful natural world inspires my work and runs through the core of my reason for being.  We are all different flowers from the same garden.

 It is through these ranges that we embark on a journey of nurture inspired adornment.