About Melanie Woods Jewellery

Melanie Woods Jewellery is a wholesale jewellery company based in Australia's Northern Rivers region that has been supplying finely crafted pieces of jewellery to the Australian market ever since 1996.

With decades of experience in the jewellery industry, when you buy jewellery from Melanie Woods, you are buying  from someone who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the jewellery industry.

Melanie Woods also recognizes the significance of providing exclusivity to our retailers within their respective territories and will also be a great source of up-to-date looks as our jewellery pieces and collections constantly evolve.

 Melanie Woods Wholesale Jewellery values


In Summary, stockists of Melanie Woods Jewellery enjoy key benefits, such as-


  • Jewellery exclusivity per region.
  • Complimentary branded displays, story cards and pouches for our crafted jewellery
  • Exclusive B2B wholesale only trade
  • Online marketing of our jewellery through our stockists through social media posts and other promotions
  • Quality Jewellery Collections offering excellent value on competitive price points
  • Access to all of our jewellery and promotional images



We believe in fair trade and rewards; which means that all employees at Melanie Woods Jewellery work under the most comfortable conditions, with fair wages, holiday entitlements to honor traditional days, and, most importantly, equal and fair opportunities.

To arrange an instore appointment please contact us as we routinely travel the east coast of Australia covering Sydney, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour & the NSW region, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairnes & the Queensland region, Melbourne & the Victoria region and all the regional towns in between.