Return Policy


If for any reason you receive your product and are not happy, then we are also not happy!  Please get in contact with us and we will assist to resolve any issues.

All public customer returns must go through the store that you purchased the item from with a receipt within 6 months of purchase. We happily replace manufacturers fault from reasonable wear and tear within our returns policy guidelines.

Please review our definitions of these below. 


  • Returns for change of mind are possible within 10 days of purchase only.
  • Unused and in original resalable condition in the coded bag that they were received in.
  • With a copy of the original invoice with the returned item/s noted on the copy.
  • Contact for return details.
  • Refunds will be issued as a credit note towards your next purchase.
  • 10% restock fee will be taken on all returns. 
  • All goods purchased wholesale by the reseller have a 2 year limited guarantee with a manufacturers fault.
  • All goods purchased more than 2 years from date of wholesale to retail purchase may not be returned under any conditions.

BREAKAGES- If our jewellery is defective due to a manufacturers fault we will offer a replacement within 2 years of purchase by the reseller only.

  • Contact us at for our returns procedure.
  • Return with a copy of the original invoice with the item/s noted on the copy.
  • Specify on your returns form if you are after an exchange.
  • All returns are subject to our discretion and fair assessment of the issue.
  • Refunds will be issued as a credit note towards your next purchase.


These beautiful pieces each contain carefully handmade elements. Therefore, they require a little extra special care to stay gorgeous!

Wearing jewellery is like caring for shoes or any other accessory, there is normal wear and tear that occurs, especially when it is fashion jewellery.

Take the jewellery off when you bath or sleep, play sports of enjoy vigorous activity. 

We are happy to replace manufacturers faults.



Broken links are always from a little too much stress on a chain, whether on purpose or not.  Broken links from wear and tear are not a manufacturers fault.

Smashed or cracked gems,  as you wouldn't ask for a new glass that was dropped please dont ask for a replacement if you dropped your ring and the stone smashed or cracked.   

Pulled jump rings, jump rings connect our pieces together, these only come apart with a tug, please be gentle. These are easy to repair however with a good eye and a rethreading of the ring and close it back up with tweezers or pliers. 

Tarnishing, our jewellery is made from fine metal ingredients, but it will eventually tarnish Ongoing maintenance of your piece is required, though, if you keep in an airless, dry dark storage case it is possible the piece will never tarnish.

If you store in a humid light airy space your piece will tarnish and can be cleaned simply with water, soap and a wash cloth or light brush if the tarnish is stubborn.  Dry thoroughly, enjoy wearing, then store in a dry dark airless place. 

Alternately you may just use a silver cloth on shiny finishes.

For matt finishes you can place your jewellery in a bowl lined with foil, sprinkle with bicarb, pour of over boiling water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.