How to Clean Metal Jewellery

We love our new Melanie Woods Jewellery Collections with sleek shimmery finishes that looks contemporary and so stylish.

The brushed effect of our new Euro yellow and Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver Jewellery is created by simply brushing the surface with a metal brush. This new finish means it needs a new kind of cleaning routine. 

Unless your jewellery is made from solid gold or base metals, it is more than likely going to tarnish when exposed to sun and light over time.  We offer a lovely black pouch to reduce this, but if isn’t a big deal to clean your jewellery over time. We clean our shoes and clothes so why not our jewellery? If your Euro piece tarnishes, we have got your covered with a simple and effective cleaning method.

We have found that best way to do this is with a simple bi carb spa!

Line a bowl with sheet foil (alfoil), shiny side down, place your beautiful Gold or Silver jewellery on top of the sheet foil, sprinkle a dessertspoon per piece of jewellery of bicarb, pour boiling water over to the top of the jewellery.



Your jewellery will fizz and reveal as good as new. If your jewellery is still little tarnished give it a second go. This is usually due to exposure to chemicals or salt air or water.  Don't forget to rinse and dry thoroughly. 

This cleaning method applies to all kinds of fine metal jewellery that tarnishes to bring them back to life, whether it is brushed, polished or mate finishes, just make sure you lay them on a towel and dry them well before you store them, or wear them.


Disclaimer – we don’t recommended you use a cleaning cloth on brushed finish as it cant get into the textured finish to clean it as you don’t want to polish this finish. When your jewellery contains pearls, opals, composite and colored gems. 

If in doubt our backup is a bit of soap and water with a soft toothbrush will clean up your piece perfectly.