How to rock your rocks!

Some people just seem to have an unerring ability to pick the right piece or pieces of jewellery to complement their outfit – admittedly, it is a bit of an art form!  These classic looks don’t just happen by accident. There are some golden rules which you can follow which revolve around much more than just your wardrobe choice. The key factor is picking items that enhance and positively flatter and accentuate your skin tone, hair and eye colour as well as looking fabulous with what you are wearing.

Don’t lower the tone

Understanding what works with your skin tone and complexion doesn’t just have to be a matter of trial and error.  There are some guiding principles used by fashion houses and those used to dressing models and actresses which can save you some expensive faux pas. 

Pale Eurasian skin can showcase silver jewellery or white gold to perfection particularly if you have light blonde hair.  Olive or Mediterranean skin is the ideal contrast to rich yellow gold although, in fact, almost any metal looks good with a darker skin tone.  Consider the colour of the stones as an extension of this principle, sapphires and stunning blue topaz with silver or platinum and warm reds and purple – garnets, rubies or amethyst – or vibrant green emeralds with rich 18-carat gold settings.

It’s hair raising!

Our skin and hair are all part of the same tonal palette so if you dye your hair, you may need to adjust the type of jewellery you wear to suit your new look.  This applies in particular to earrings and necklaces and also ornate hair pieces such as tiaras and encrusted combs or clips.



Eye colour

Eye colour relates more closely to the colour of stones within your jewellery choices than to the actual metal the stones are set in.  Pick up the colour of blue or green eyes with topaz or turquoise.  Spice up warm brown or hazel eyes with darker stones like garnets.

Factor in the colour of your outfit

Jewellery is designed to be the icing on the cake and the cherry on top of the icing.  Pick stones and metals that work with the colours you are wearing, not only should they offset your natural colouring but they should also augment your clothes to provide that quintessential finishing touch.



Consider shape and design

The colour of your clothing is not the only consideration.  Think about shape and form. A sweetheart neckline, for instance, looks much nicer with shorter pendant style necklaces than a longer style.  Stud earrings are generally better with loose or long hairstyles in contrast to drop earrings which showcase a more formal evening look where the hair is styled up on top of the head.  Rich, exotic bangles will be lost with a long sleeve but are stunning with a sleeveless dress or half sleeve shirt.

The whole ensemble

Selected pieces for each occasion should have a continuum so they are not identical but related and complementary to one another.  Random pieces whilst stunning individually, may not work as a group no matter how well each item suits you. For this reason, it can be worth stocking your jewellery box with collections that work together – good jewellers and those who work more in the jewellery making and design sector can offer advice.  A gold necklace with a stunning suspended pearl and a selection of matching earrings, either pearl studs for a casual look or more ornate pieces for evening wear, are a staple of any collection.  A diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings offer infinite possibilities across a whole variety of occasions and fashion outfits. These can be worn singly, as a two-piece set or in a trio.


Watch out!

Despite the advance of the digital age and a clock on every electronic gadget and laptop, classic watches have never been more popular.  A watch can be a statement item of fashion jewellery or a functioning timepiece.  A watch can form part of your jewellery look, why not have several to enhance your jewellery sets. 


Fashion jewellery in Australia has never been as vibrant or as fresh and eclectic.  Stylish and bohemian, new designers are pushing the boundaries like never before.  There are some big names on the scene such as Babyanything – gemstones and fine design -  and Sarah and Sebastian who pride themselves on using ethically sourced stones and top quality gold, producing pieces which are perfect for the popular modern trend of stacking.  Stacking is all about layering, mixing the look whether it is bracelets or necklaces to create an individual look that is outside the box yet just works. And what about Reliquia – Spanish vibe meets vintage charm with strong connections to the Art Deco movement. 

If big names are not your thing or within your budget, why not support a local, artisan jewellery maker?  There are myriad designers and craftsmen working away in tiny studios all accessible now via the internet.  Buy a real original piece or why not commission a special item of jewellery for a memorable occasion or event?

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