The Melanie Woods Story

With our new website launch we thought now would be a fantastic time to put together a few words about the journey of Melanie Woods Jewellery, how we started and how we grew to be a wholesale jewellery supplier in Australia.

Melanie started making jewellery in her 20s. Her mother was a costume designer teaching her early on how to make her own clothes, with jewellery soon following. Melanie was soon picked up by an agent and by 1984 her journey in the b2b wholesale jewellery industry started.

Eventually in 1996 Melanie created her own company and started to manufacture large quantities of wholesale jewellery for the retail market in Australia.  Diva Designs World Jewellery p/l was born and soon expanded with a  showroom in Melbourne and trade fairs and sales representatives across all states. The business grew fast, and in 2009 Melanie decided to have a tree change and a break, moving to the northern rivers and deciding to scale down whilst rebranding the business to Melanie Woods Jewellery. She now works out of a  home based office and services our stockists throughout the east coast of Australia, back to her roots as a gypsy merchant!   

Once Covid settles down we plan to restart trade fairs, but in the meantime our personalised service with website is ensuring Melanie Woods Jewellery grows organically. 

Our 25 years in this business has held us in good stead, and we are proud to say that we have some of our original stockists that still stand by our quality, value, service and reliability. It's important to us that we don’t sell directly to the public or to other shops in your area ensuring our stockists can rest assured of retail exclusivity.

Our new EURO collections are a sell-out success featuring silver and gold pieces that are fashionable and classic at the same time as well as light as a feather on your ear, so comfortable to wear!  This manufacturing is exclusive to us (so far) meaning our price, quality and service is without competition in the b2b wholesale jewellery to retail sector. With over 100 designs we have something for every fashion boutiques, gift shops and jewellery stores.

Our other silver and stone collections also offer gorgeous timeless style with incredible stones, cut to our specific orders. Our designs are unique and stylish, simple and timeless. 

Our branded goods help to showcase our designs, with a card that offers display options on the outside, inside -care instructions and a ‘to and from’ area, which allows it to double as a gift card. This comes with every piece of jewellery along with a little black linen pouch, completing the perfect gift experience.   

Jewellery is very clearly a passion for Melanie as she lives and breathes jewellery design and often dreams her designs into being as inspiration flows day and night.