What Jewellery Can I Wear With ...?

Which pieces of jewellery can I wear today with this...?


You have spent ages carefully co-ordinating the outfit, your hairstyle has been beautifully arranged and your makeup selected to complement the colours, now for the jewellery, which pieces should you choose?  How much jewellery should you wear, less is more after all isn’t it? Should you wear any jewellery at all?


Day to day and casual outfits


Most people tend to wear the same type of clothing 90% of the time when they are not working and even when they are at work sometimes.  It is easy therefore to have some staple favourites in your jewellery box which will work for you on most occasions.  Think about some gold necklaces the length of which should reflect your average neckline.  How about some studded bangles, very much a mood choice!   


Your daily jewellery should mostly be in a metal that suits your skin tone so silver, white gold or platinum for very pale or Celtic skin, the warmer, richer hues of 18-carat yellow or rose gold are perfect for those with darker, olive skin or Mediterranean complexions.  The choice of stones should reflect your eye colour. Remember to keep a couple of nice, classic diamond or pearl pieces, they are to the jewellery box what the little black dress – LBD – is to the wardrobe.


Not only must your jewellery look good on you, but it must also complement your outfit on the day.  Working within the parameters of pieces you know will suit you, pay close attention to the styling, cut and colours of what you are wearing.  For instance, a gold necklace with perhaps a single stone or pearl can look great with an open-necked shirt but might not work with that comfy jumper you are always kicking around it.  Jewellery needs to suit the skin, the outfit and the vibe.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.


Sharp dressing for work


Office attire is totally casual these days especially as more and more people are working from home.  But, there are occasions, when a special meeting or convention calls for a sharper more tailored look and your jewellery should be chosen to complement this style.


Pick simple, uncluttered modern pieces with bold clean lines and just a few stones.  Avoid anything delicate or opulent which would be more in keeping with a party or formal function.  Just one strong piece can work well in these situations – some short, strongly designed earrings or a heavy simple bangle just completes the outfit rather like the right shoes or a scarf.  Try and avoid the bangle though if you are at a computer station a lot of the time as the noise of the jewellery against a desk can be distracting for your co-workers.


 Glamming up for a formal event


Once you have chosen the dress and the shoes, then it is time to turn your attention to which pieces of jewellery to wear.  If you like your sparkles then this is the time to really shine. We are thinking pearls and diamonds and lots of them!


If you are wearing your hair up, then choose some amazing drop earrings which always look fabulous with this type of hairstyle.  A gown which is off the shoulder or has very thin straps can offset a pearl or diamond choker to perfection too.


Don’t overload the look.  Choose one maybe a maximum of two pieces which are stunning and powerful.  A plain black evening dress could be finished to perfection with some beautiful diamond drop earrings and a simple diamond bracelet on bare arms.  If you wear too much then you will spoil the look. With strong pieces, you generally need less rather than more.


Jewellery rules


Years ago, there used to be a real etiquette surrounding how jewellery was worn but in the 21st century, it seems anything goes.  So stack your bangles, mix your metals and show off your piercings.  Matchy-matchy has gone out of the window and you are free to make your jewellery as individual and personal a statement as you are.


If you are still worried about making a hideous faux pas, then develop your eye by looking at images either online or in real life of what people are wearing.  Ask yourself, does it work and if not, why not. It helps to figure out the unwritten principals of form and style. This doesn’t come naturally to most people, if you want to be successful then you have to work at it.  But the end result should look natural as if you couldn’t or wouldn’t choose to wear anything else. It should by stylishly and effortlessly chic.


Why not take a look at some artisan Australian jewellery makers and suppliersthe internet has opened up a world of opportunity for talented designers and craftspeople who can offer you unique and one-off pieces as opposed to the more mainstream commercial jewellers.  With the digital shop window, jewellery making particularly jewellery in Australia has come to the attention of an international audience and Australian designers are now competing on the world stage when it comes to jewellery design and holding their own.


Wedding jewellery


Most popularly, a lot of wedding jewellery revolves around pearls associated as they are with purity and chasteness.  However, not everyone has the traditional white wedding these days so wedding jewellery should simply be an extension of your outfit whatever that may be.  And don’t forget the rings!


Commissioning a piece


If you use an up and coming jewellery maker or unknown designer then you can catch yourself a great, bespoke and unique piece of jewellery which can be the perfect adornment for a very special occasion such as a birthday party or wedding.  Gifting or receiving a piece like this is hugely memorable because you know that it has been made just for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive either and you can input into the design, the choice of metal and the type and source of the stones.  Use it to create an unforgettable message either for yourself or a loved one.

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