We have been wholesaling to retail outlets across Australia since 1994. 
Because of this, we are very proud of the relationships that we have built up with our stockists. 
It all starts with respecting the nature of your business, this means ensuring that we provide you with products of the highest quality that will enhance your store and
have your customers coming back for more.


Top 10 Reasons to become a stockist - 

  1. B2B only - We do not sell to the public, that’s right- we do not compete with you or get in the way of your selling our collections.  You may show our site and your customers can view the products with no prices shown until you log in.  


  1. You are special to us - You will be featured on our site as a stockist for your area to give you maximum sales results for your Melanie Woods Collections and share posts on our social media sites.


  1. Fairtrade - We are an ethical company and have dealt with our manufacturers for up to 20 years ensuring equal rights, good working conditions and fair wages.


  1. Exclusivity - We offer exclusivity per town or shopping centre per collection.


  1. Free Image Library - We offer our library of stock images and promotional images for you to use to showcase and sell our best collections to your valued customers so we all look our best 


  1. Great Prices - Our prices are exceptionally competitive and we do not fix our retail prices.


  1. Established - We have been an established wholesaler to retailers in Australia for over 20 years.


  1. Quality elements - All of our metals used in our jewellery are of the highest blend silver brass and gold. We do not sell costume jewellery but we do sell fashion jewellery using fine metals with our  gold and brass ranges, with our mainstay as sterling silver. Euro Silver and Euro gold are our current hottest sellers.   Named due to its popularity in Europe and its modern fashion-forward designs.  The gold is 24-carat gold plated fine jewellers brass and the Euro Silver is 94.7% silver, higher than the usual 92.5% sterling.   The result gives a brighter silver look and also complies with European laws of metal blends that are allowed in the EU.  For example.  all silver and gold is blended other metals to make it suitable for jewellery manufacturing.  However, the EU restricts the use of lead, cadmium and nickel in fine gold, silver and brass blends to avoid allergic reactions. This results in finer jewellery components and a hypoallergenic result for your more sensitive customers.


  1. Easy access Minimums - We are here to make your buying experience as smooth as possible with easy minimums and no fuss assistance with your purchase. Our online store is easy to navigate and make purchases from and we are always available for further queries or assistance. 


  1. Returns Policy - If for any reason you receive your product and are not happy, then we are also not happy! If you receive our jewellery and it is not what you expected or you change your mind, you may return it within 1 week of receipt for a full refund minus postage costs. If our jewellery is defective due to a manufactures fault, we will offer a replacement, proof of purchase is essential with all returns. 

 Sign up and get the ball rolling with our

small minimums, awesome designs and hot sellers your customers will thank you for.